Judgement EP

by Sailing Before The Wind

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RobSiab I only recently discovered this band and I am hooked! They have a very unique metalcore sound that focuses on simple yet very memorable melodies that remind me of anime music (yes, I know it sounds strange). Every song in this album features at least one or two of these melodies and makes each track stand out. I'm a big fan already and I can't wait to see what other music they have release so far! Favorite track: Stargazer.
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released October 24, 2012

mixed/mastered by Bitoku
(contact: sailing_before_the_wind@yahoo.co.jp)

lyrical arrangement by John Patnode



all rights reserved


Sailing Before The Wind Japan

Melodic-Metalcore from Tokyo,JAPAN.

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Track Name: Stargazer
Destruction finished it's duty and men greeted their new beginning.
The star which shines too emptily always looked large to those above.
Can this light be seen?
We have always overcome distress and wonder.
What was lost is large.
(However, we have) merely moved forward, without missing our target.

The song of sirens (was never) translated.
Bury the people of the sea.

Don't shed tears, comrade.
we reached our destination
It is a great achievement that nobody has accomplished.
If you have not noticed, I will be at the marine bottom now.
Today seems destined to believe a god.

It was unprecedented that your face was filled with smiles thus far.

This is the time to sing.
This is the time to shout.
This was our victory.
and this light will never fade away.

This dazzling light behind will never fade away

Don't forget the days we fought.
And continue moving forward hereout
Track Name: Aureola
A saint with a scarred back.
A mark which an angel put.
Black piling ashes adjourn the followers.

What ones eyes can see is restricted.
That sight does not show the life which permeates for your life.
A dream does not have a meaning.
There cannot be equalibrium from the moment of birth.

Stand your ground
Emerge in all at once.
Shake off the fear.

Don't look back until it ends.
There is nothing pursuing you.
Draw conclusions or be captured by a predator.

Opened wings are so beautiful, nobility is forgotten.
The song of prayer anywhere can be heard.

Children worship him and wise men fear him.
His name roared on the ground.

The signal fire rose.
How many lives survive and how many lives are exhausted today?
It seems that the light behind you is still rising

You do not know it yet.
You do not know it leads to all the things.
Track Name: Distance
The moon and stars were hidden in ominous clouds.
You shout unconsciously, visioning this.
The voice lost the destination and turned the muzzle of a gun to the next generation.

A neighbor states the good.
Surprisingly it is wrong even if a divine resident hears it.
A pastor gets angry, but it was not god who saved us.
Reading the letter sent from a distant country, I just closed my eyes.

A shooting star is loaded with a wish.
What meaning does such a thing really have?
Raised to merely regard it as beautiful.

Those who were desperate for aligning with the surroundings,
Threw themselves away. Prove your existence.
Those who plunge into dreams beware-- Remember reality.

There is only total despair and sadness in this world

Vanquish all memories.
Tell us what we really are.
Cast an eye towards the truth .
Awaken from the darkness.
Track Name: Futurist
A pledge of the revolution which intersected in the spreading twilight.
Nobody can make it obscure.

The lie which the traitor told.
It changes to despair.
The world which I know some day will be burning.
What is required is to make a loud sound?
In order to wake the lambs which are sleeping.
Even if they do not notice,
the day will come.

This is judgment.
There is no room for condemnation.
Only the right to receive a crime is left behind to you.
And demise draws near.

Cut your throat and offer your blood to the ground.

The old man who lost eyes and had the tongue extracted asks forgiveness.
Even a saint does not understand the meaning.
As the place sees dawn, my flesh collapses.
As the place sees dawn, your flesh collapses.

Don't trust yourself.
You can do nothing and can create nothing.
You must continue remaining in this place.
Only left to die in a closed-minded world.

The old man who lost eyes and had the tongue extracted asks forgiveness.
Even a saint does not understand the meaning.
As the place sees dawn, my flesh collapses.
As the place sees dawn, your flesh collapses.
This is judgment
This is judgment all for you